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Is Deezer app legal?

In today’s music industry, there are many resources through which it is possible to listen to popular songs and get access to other interesting content. One of the top music streaming services is Deezer. The service is just as perfect as the world-famous Spotify or Apple Music, with more than 90 million tracks and over 30,000 radio stations.

Is Deezer app legal?

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Moreover, you will get access not only to music hits but to news channels, audiobooks, podcasts, radio, and much more. Deezer offers its customers 5 convenient tariff plans:

  • Free;
  • Student;
  • Premium;
  • Family;
  • Hi-fi that provides the highest possible resolution of the content.

However, is Deezer app legal, and the usersare allowed to perform different actions with the help of the service? Or do they have certain restrictions? As we have already mentioned, this streaming service has a free version. So, some people may think that if they don’t pay to use the platform, they save their expenses, and there are no restrictions on using the content. But in fact, these people are wrong.

Most of the restrictions users on the platform, and you must agree to all the terms of use that the service specifies, especially, you have to accept the privacy policy.

But most importantly, you have the right to use Deezer strictly for your own personal use. For example, if you are the owner of a cafe, you are not allowed to stream music from Deezer in your establishment. Moreover, if you apply for a job and give a presentation that is accompanied by music from Deezer, you are also breaking the terms and conditions of the service. In other words, you can use the app and website for personal needs only.

Also, using the free version you are not allowed to download music using third-party apps. The algorithms of the service can detect the use of such resources and you can be restricted, as you agreed to legal use of the service during the registration process.

You may post messages and comments on relevant content only. You are not allowed to promote your business, or post content that is protected by copyright or in general content that belongs to another person.

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You may be intimidated by the number of restrictions, but the service controls compliance with the rules. The service’s aim is to provide comfortable (and legal) services to its customers. So, if you are interested in Deezer, you can easily switch to it with MusConv – the special service that helps you move all necessary music content from your current platform to another one.