Is Deezer Available In India?

French music streaming service Deezer is available today in more than 180 countries on all continents of our planet. It was created in 2007 in the French capital Paris, where its head office is still located. It should be said that it is in France that Deezer is the leading music streaming service on the market. In this European country, he left far behind other leaders in the world of music streaming, such as Spotify or Apple Music.

Despite its wide geographic distribution around the world, the French music streaming service still does not work in some very promising countries in terms of marketing, such as India and China.

The service covers almost all continents of our planet, but at the same time it cannot work legally in China, India, Iran and some countries of the Persian Gulf, as well as Africa.

Unfortunately, Deezer never made it to the Indian music market. It is characteristic that a feature of the Indian music industry is the overcrowding of the Indian market with national and regional music string services that offer their users very low prices compared to foreign Western counterparts, albeit with a relatively low quality of both the sites themselves and streaming music.

In addition, the Indian authorities for some reason believe that any Western music or video service carries a set of messages that is unacceptable to the Indian mentality. Therefore, the authorities officially do not allow not only the French streaming service, but also its colleagues into the local market. In the list of music streaming services blocked in India, you can find almost all the leaders in the global music streaming market. It is quite possible that the authorities are lobbying the interests of local producers of music content. This is understandable, but still does not reduce the problem.

French music streaming has a feature where you can easily change the country. Therefore, a more or less computer-savvy Indian user can easily subscribe to Deezer or use its free version.

Deezer Available In India

To do this, you only need to change your geolocation using the VPN service. It should be said that the cost of Deezer for India is quite high. For example, the Swedish streaming service Spotify, which had struggled to enter the Indian market, had to offer local music lovers subscription prices that were ten times lower than subscription prices in the United States of America. That being said, of course, Indian users get a much lower quality service and much lower sound quality than American users.

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But what if India is considered the poorest country in the world, the average citizen of which may well exist on one dollar a day, or even less. Therefore, the cost of a basic individual subscription to a French streaming service of $9.99 per month in this country can be read quite high. This means that the Indian user will need to work for the third part of the month to pay for the music streaming service. It’s practically impossible.

 Well, if the Indian has such a financial opportunity, then he may well subscribe to Deezer. To do this, he just needs to make changes to the geolocation. Now there are no national restrictions for him, he can use the streaming service to the fullest.

You can use the free version. But at the same time, in no case is it possible that the country of residence of the new user is India.

This is a relatively simple way to bypass the Deezer block in India and enjoy a wonderful set of its effective features.

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