Is Deezer Available In USA?

Deezer was born in 2007 in Paris. Nearly fifteen years after its inception, the music streaming platform now has tens of millions of subscribers in over 180 countries. The premium plan for 10 euros per month allows the user to listen to 70 million titles in high quality without ads both online and offline, on a computer or in a smartphone application. You can also access part of its catalog for free.

Deezer is one of the music streaming services available on mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Phone and iOS (iPhone), but can also be used online or on computers. Along with competitors such as Spotify and Apple Music, it allows you to enjoy and listen to new music releases, classics of all genres, offline tracks, create playlists, moods, mixes, apps and other practical features. The app offers a free ─ version with ads ─ and a Premium version, which, in addition to supporting offline content, allows you to listen to music with higher sound quality.

Deezer contains many interesting features. One of the great things is that users can build their collection of albums and create their own collection. In addition, you can organize playlists of your favorite songs to listen to on your smartphone or tablet, or even on your desktop.

The service interface is simple, beautiful and fast. The app works very well, no crashes or bugs, the navigation is very practical. The Deezer home is divided into themes divided into large icons that take the user to categories such as news, playlists, and radio. Configurations are easy to implement and do not require the user to go through multiple paths to make simple changes.

Is Deezer Available In USA

The app has several web radios divided by genre, ideal for those who like to get to know new artists and musical styles. However, the albums of some lesser-known artists and bands are almost non-existent on Deezer.

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Offline, you can use Deezer as a music player for your smartphone or tablet, playing your songs and lists without the need for an Internet connection. The app even shows you storage space and how much it’s being used.

In 2015, Deezer invested 100 million euros to expand its international presence. The company hopes to become a key player in the US music streaming market. Its premium plan is available to US users for a monthly fee of $10.

The United States is a priority target for the young French company. The US music streaming market is in full swing and currently generates more revenue than physical record sales.

Deezer has a useful feature for everyone who uses the service to listen to music in any situation. This is an offline audio playback mode. With it, the user can listen to songs stored in his library without the need to connect to the Internet.

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