Some 5-10 years ago, the music industry was going through a big crisis because people very often used to listen to pirate content. Everyone claimed that if you want to listen to a song, you should just download it via torrent and enjoy listening to it. Fortunately for many artists, the situation is much better at the moment thanks to the existence of streaming platforms. Now, people have access to tons of various songs of all kinds for a small fee.

Is Deezer Better than Tidal?

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Of course, when it comes to choosing a music platform of high quality, many people can’t decide what to use and what is the best for them. That’s why, you can often find the question Is Deezer Better than Tidal? on various chats and forums. Well, let’s take a closer look at these platforms.

Deezer streaming service is a real godsend for those fans who prefer a large variety of content and a huge number of playlists. There are about 90 million tracks and more than 200 thousand attractive playlists available to you on this platform. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning the presence of podcasts, which may be enjoyed by the vast majority of people.

Of course, it is worth highlighting the unique algorithm for selecting the recommended music, which is called Flow. It can adjust to your musical tastes and offer really good recommendations.

With a premium subscription to Deezer’s streaming service, you’ll have access to FLAC audio quality. That’s a pretty good sound, especially, if you have high-quality headphones or speakers.


  • Premium – $3.99;
  • Family plan (up to 6 accounts) – $5 99;
  • Hi-Fi membership – $5.99.

Tidal is practically the only music platform that is currently owned by performers. Jay Z bought the company a few years ago and invited his celebrity friends to become co-owners of the project. Thus, Tidal can be called more than just an audience-centric application because artists get good royalties compared to other similar platforms.

Moreover, due to the fact that the owner of the streaming service is a singer, he focuses on very high-quality CD sounds. Thus, audiophiles will definitely be satisfied. It is worth mentioning that on this platform, you can find a lot of exclusive content, which you won’t find anywhere else. All novelties of the music world appear here earlier.

Music content is not the only advantage that Tidal is ready to offer its users. In the application, it is possible to find interviews, video clips, expert recommendations, and articles about music news.


  • Premium – $10.
  • Family plan – $15 

Hi-Fi membership – $20 

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What to choose between these great options is up to you. However, if you need to quickly and accurately migrate all your content to a new platform – download the special Musconv service! This program will make all complicated processes allowing you to enjoy your favorite music.