Is Deezer free?

The music stream service of Deezer appeared in 2007 in Paris, the French company of the same name became his developer. Today fans of music on all continents use this platform, he it is open almost in 200 countries, having become one of world leaders in the market of stream transfer of music.

Deezer can be used on Android, iOS, the personal computer, the laptop, the home audio system, in the car or the smart TV. The possibility of access to service will appear only after registration of the user. For this purpose it will be required to think up the login and the password and also to specify the address of the e-mail. But it is possible to use accounts of Facebook and Google at registration. The new subscriber gets acquainted with Terms of use of service and confirms the consent with them. Registration of a subscription is available only to those someone already stepped over a 16-year boundary. Besides, it is necessary to confirm that the new user is a resident of the country in the territory of which it is officially authorized to use Deezer.

Deezer, having been born, won reputation of a reasonable alternative for some musical streaming searvices, attracting fans of music not only the huge 60-million library about more than 30,000 radio channels, but also high quality of music playback, broad functionality and, the main thing, with the affordable price.

Try it free

Deezer Free gives an opportunity to use service absolutely free of charge, but with limited functionality. All musical library of service and also function of a mix of tracks is available to those someone use Deezer free of charge. Free of charge it is possible to use services of service on a constant basis.

The paid subscription to services of streaming service will give to the user more opportunities. The price of a paid subscription is low, and the first month it is possible to use service absolutely free of charge. Function of the admission of tracks is available to users, there is no advertisment, service can be used offline.

But those users who don’t want to make out a paid subscription can quite use service free of charge.

Try it free