Is Deezer using UCPS?

Music services have become very mainstream in recent years. They have expanded their audience to millions of people in a short period. It’s all thanks to the developers’ revolutionary way of thinking about the consumption of music content.

Is Deezer using UCPS?

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Thanks to streaming, you don’t have to buy each song. You simply pay a certain amount of money once a month. This gives you access to a large volume of tracks and many other benefits.

  1. Ease of use without wasting memory on your device. It means you don’t have to download your private library to your device’s memory in advance. 
  2. Selections. Many platforms have an algorithm that helps to find the music that’s most relevant to you. In most cases, you will be offered selections based on your previous listens to the tracks.
  3. Quality. There are no low-quality or cut records on the streaming platforms. Everything is under strict control by special people.
  4. Offline music. If you’re worried you might be without internet but wish to continue to listen to music, there’s a way out. Lots of services offer to save your favorite tracks in advance to listen to them offline.
  5. Performers support. Everyone loves to listen to music for free, however, true fans are always happy to make a small contribution to a musician.

One streaming service that has been gaining popularity lately is Deezer. This music application offers users all the mentioned advantages.

However, apart from that, there is something that sets this service apart from the rest. It uses the UCPS system. This is an acronym that stands for a user-centric payment system. But what does it mean?

Let’s look at an example. You’ve paid for a monthly subscription to Deezer. You opened the application and found your favorite artists. Throughout the month, you listened only to their songs. After a whole month, Deezer has counted your activity data. And the money you’ve paid for your subscription will be transferred to those artists, whose songs you were listening to. It means that by listening to your favorite artists you help them to develop.

Such a UCPS system has found its admirers. That’s why the Deezer service is gaining popularity. There are practically no other music platforms that offer something like this. All of them work according to the following scheme:

  • you pay for a subscription;
  • you listen to your favorite artists, but not very often because you don’t have the time;
  • at the end of the month, the money you paid to listen to what you like is transferred to another artist. The reason for this is that someone else has listened to his songs more times.

Many people don’t like this system. They don’t think it’s fair, because it prevents their favorite artists from developing. So, if you’re considering Deezer you might have a question: “Is Deezer using UCPS?“. And you already know the right answer!

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