Is Depeche Mode making a new album?

Depeche Mode released a new album called «Live Spirits Soundtrack». The album saw the album on June 26, 2020,2020 and contains a recording of the group’s two final concerts, which she played as part of the Global Spirit tour in Berlin in July 2018. So far, this is the last joint creation of musicians in the group. But information coming from sources. Close to the group, indicates that the creative activity of rock musicians did not decrease even in conditions of restrictions related to quarantine.

Depeche Mode members are already working on material for a new record. Martin Gore composes music at his home studio in Santa Barbara. Dave Gahan composes lyrics in New York and collaborates online with Christian Aigner and Peter Gordeno on music with Eigner’s studio in Vienna. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a studio recording has not yet been assigned.

As part of Depeche Mode, Martin Gore remains the main author of music and lyrics. For 40 years, the group has released 14 studio albums, dozens of singles and live recordings. The last release from Depeche Mode at the moment is a conceptual collection of “cover versions” for the song “4:33” by John Cage.

Depeche Mode

By the way, the solo mini-album of the musician and the main author of music and lyrics of Depeche Mode Martin Gore, which will be released in the first half of 2021, was designed for the first time in thirty years not by photographer Anton Corbein, but by a real monkey.

Rumors have long circulated on the Internet that the popular group broke up. With the release of the new album, the musicians decided to prove that they are working together in the same creative way as before, delighting their many fans with new works.

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So far, musicians remain silent, various versions are circulating on the Internet. There were rumors that the rock band was finally returning to the recording studio to work on a new album.

They say that Depeche Mode are planning a world tour at the end of 2022. Whether it is or not, the time and situation with the world pandemic will tell.

Today, no one knows exactly all the information about the creative life of the group in conditions of restrictions related to the pandemic. So far, we can only talk about the almost finished album of the leader of the group and the author of its songs, released by him in a solo version.

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