Is DJ Khaled Muslim?

For years, DJ Khaled was best known for shouting out the three winning words (“We’re the best!”) on the songs of his friends, from Jay-Z to Future. However, a few years ago, he became a star that shines with its own light.

He is an extraordinary motivator of the digital age, encouraging his followers to learn the keys to success. He published the book “Keys”, these are his memoirs with life lessons and colorful self-help mantras. “When you read this, you understand the process behind my “keys,” says Khaled, “the process of moving towards progress.”

Dj Khaled

People get to know the story of DJ Khaled, the hardships he faced along the way. In his book, he appears to readers as an outstanding personality, he has always been the one who goes into a dark room and turns on the light for others. “I bring joy and light. I am now a father. If before I delved into it, now I will super enter into it,” continues Khaled.

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 You talk about pursuing ever more ambitious goals. But can not the constant pursuit of success become a kind of imprisonment?

The mega-popular artist claims that success is not only about making money. He thanks God for every day. Even on a bad day, according to Khaled, one can say: “Let me think: why am I worried? I’m alive! Everything will go as it should!”. Recently, a popular rapper and producer has been doing a lot of himself: meditating, relaxing in a jacuzzi, growing flowers.

The artist claims that it would take him several decades of years to tell everything he prays about. The son of Palestinian immigrants, DJ Khaled is a Muslim. His son also converted to Islam. Despite the somewhat intensified racism towards representatives of the Muslim faith, which is observed in the United States of America, Khaled continues to pray earnestly to God and, according to him, does not regret his religious affiliation for a minute. In addition, he does not fear at all for the fate of his son, who also grows up in Islam.

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