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Is downloading from SoundCloud illegal?

Imagine that you listen to your favorite music away from home and society, sitting in a country house with a cup of tea. Imagine that you download on your phone the hits of your childhood, youth, or just music that helps you to relax, and you listen to them, enjoying a nostalgic beat. You log into your SoundCloud account and select the music you want to download.

Is downloading from SoundCloud legal

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However, wait! Is downloading from SoundCloud legal? Can’t anyone who downloads a song from the service be penalized? Don’t worry, it’s legal. The author can give permission to download his audio files to the other users. However, he can also disable this option in the Permission tab. So, any users who upload their tracks to SoundCloud can do the same.

To download music, log in to the app on your phone or open the web version if you have a paid subscription. Then open the menu next to the track you need and click Download. That’s all you have to do to save your favorite hit legally.

Users also sometimes encounter the fact that they can’t download a song. There are two popular reasons for this. Remember that not all music can be downloaded if the audio file owner has not granted the required permission. In addition, you will not be able to do it from the mobile app if you don’t subscribe to the paid version.

But keep in mind that downloading music using various additional apps is illegal. This is especially true for music whose author didn’t permit to download it. We recommend you to use the legal way to avoid further problems.

Every day, more and more music lovers become SoundCloud users. And this is not surprising, because not many apps today offer their users free and legal downloading of songs.

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 If you are not already a SoundCloud user but plan to subscribe to it, you will need to transfer music files from one platform to another. In this case, we can recommend the MusConv service, it will help you transfer any music content to the platform you need.