Contemporary musical compositions attract millions of fans around the world. Every innovation that came out in the past may be perceived as something incomprehensible and did not cause many feedbacks. However, nowadays, target audience welcomes all interesting news in the world of music. Everyone understands that those artists who bring new popular compositions to the music industry help it evolve.

Is EDM bigger than Hip-hop?

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Popular concepts like EDM and hip-hop can be considered relatively recent phenomena in the music industry. But, obviously,  it is possible to find fans of such tracks throughout the world.

EDM (electronic dance music) at the moment breaks all records in its popularity. You can enjoy those hits at special parties with professional DJ’s, at concerts, festivals, and, of course, in the popular streaming platforms. The main distinctive feature of such tracks is that they were created with the help of electronic instruments or any other modern computerized technologies. Here are some examples of those instruments:

  • special computer programs for creating electronic sound;
  • synthesizers;
  • electronic pianos;
  • electric guitars;
  • telharmoniums;
  • thermenvoxes;
  • mixers and others.

As you can assume, almost all popular tracks can be categorized as EDM because they all were created with at least the slightest use of electronic instruments.

Of course, if you’re an avid hip-hop fan, you might ask the logical question, “Is EDM bigger than hip-hop?” Without any doubts, hip-hop has been in multimillion audience represerntatives hearts for a long time. However, we shouldn’t forget that only hip-hop created with the help of traditional instruments, or without them at all. It can be considered as separate style in comparison to EDM. Since the most of modern hip-hop tracks were created by artists with using electronic sound, they can already be considered as a part of EDM culture.

Even if you seek in Google what hip-hop is, you will immediately find an almost endless list of subgenres, for example:

  • alternative hip-hop;
  • neuro-hop;
  • low-fi hip-hop;
  • hipster-hop, and others.

All of the previously mentioned can be easily attributed to the category of EDM. That’s why it’s hard to argue about which of them is bigger. Rather, it is ok to say one thing – the popularity of electronic music is growing every day. And a lot of the genres that exist at the moment can be part of something bigger under the name of EDM.

If you want to listen to your favorite artists and their electronic sound, the easiest way to do so is to use streamings. Using them, you can find the exact song you want to listen to at any time and at any moment.

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