Is Free Your Music safe?

Oh, MusConv is much better. And here is why:

Most people can no longer imagine a world without modern technologies around them. We can see the consequences of technological progress almost in all aspects of our life. So, persons who previously bought records or CDs of their favorite music can now simply use streaming services.

Positive changes in the music industry

Streaming platforms can assist users to find any song and listen to it for free or for an insignificant fee both online and offline.

Suppose that you are already enjoying all the convenience of the music streaming service. However, if you are interested in trying something new or you are searching for a more favorable offer, and you want to switch to another platform. Obviously, it is possible to transmit your songs somehow, but just imagine how long this procedure will take?

There are special apps that can do this in just a few minutes to make it easier for you to migrate music content from one platform to another. Using them, you can move not just individual tracks, but albums and playlists in one go.

Is Free your music safe?

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Choose the comfortable service due to your requirements

In case you don’t want to encounter problems and deficiencies, consider the MusConv service, which is able to cope with a huge massive of different tasks much better. It is a convenient application that can transfer tracks, albums, playlists, and concert recordings of your favorite artists, their biographies, as well as podcasts to another platform.

The app works on all types of devices and can be downloaded from any online shop. It cooperates with more than 50 famous music platforms. MusConv allows access to different popular services for its customers.

When it comes to security, MusConv developers have been testing the application for a long time and fixed all possible bugs for the correct functioning and accurate transferring of songs.

How do you transfer music files?

  • First of all, you need to find and download the application.
  • Then you need to open it and enter your data for registration of your account.
  • After this procedure, you will see a list of all the music platforms in front of you.
  • You have to choose the source platform from which you want to move the audio files.
  • Then log in to account for the selected music service.
  • Once the window with your music opens, select which ones you want to transfer.
  • Next, choose your destination platform and log in to your account as well.
  • Click on the Transfer button.
  • Wait for the application to process and transfer your music.
  • Enjoy the result.

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MusConv displays Spotify playlists for transfer to other music services

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Almost all users are interested in pricing because it is one of the key criteria when choosing the service. MusConv offers 4 types of subscriptions. The basic variant costs $6.99 and excludes some premium features (3 exceptions only). The Professional subscription costs $7.99 (excludes 2 premium features only). The Ultimate subscription is priced at $8.99 but it includes absolutely all of the features already that are provided by the MusConv. Moreover, you can choose the Lifetime subscription for $97 that gives you all the benefits you need for an unlimited period. There is the possibility of free use, with some soft restrictions.

Also, you will get a 40% discount if you decided to subscribe for one year at a time. As you can see, there is a lot of interesting features to choose from, so make sure you can find what you need for your budget as well.

So, we have reviewed two services that can help you transfer music from one streaming platform to another. Of course, every user has his personal preferences but the advantages of the MusConv application are obvious. You will get benefits in terms of pricing, fast transferring of music content, and incredible functionality (125+ supported music platforms). Transferring music will no longer be a problem for you, so download MusConv, register, and enjoy!