Is Google Play Music going away 2020?

The musical stream Google service of Play Music had many fans. Based in 2011, he during the existence, could win tens of millions of admirers around the world.

On November 16, 2011 Google Play Music became available to users. But analysts of Google corporation were sure that «reset» is necessary therefore there was YouTube Music which incorporated all best achievements of Google Play.

First both services existed in parallel. But most of users understood that there is no Google sense to support two almost similar musical stream services therefore assumed fast closing of Play Music. Quite so also it happened. Officially service stopped the existence on December 3, 2020.

For 2020 the subscribers, both paid, and free, received letters from Google in which they were warned about fast closing of Play Music. Also in letters there was information that the paid subscription will be postponed from one service for another in the automatic mode and also the instruction for transfer of the mediakteka contained.

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As a matter of fact, YouTube Music became Google Play Music updated the version which was created by developers on the basis of wishes of users and own experience. The application for very short term became popular and was among leaders of the world market of stream music. Today the number of his paid subscribers exceeds 30 million people.

The functionality of YouTube Music is more expanded, algorithms of musical recommendations on the basis of the listened music and search queries are improved and also service is more harmoniously integrated into the Google ecosystem.

Probably, will surprise nobody if in a couple of years world famous corporation release newer application which will have broader functionality.

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