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Is Hi-Fi better than Master?

If you’re a fan of nigh-quality music content, you should have heard about the music streaming service known as Tidal. It is currently owned by rapper Jay Z, who decided to focus on the quality and exclusivity of music content of its application, Also, this platform is intended for novice and popular artists. They could get a high percentage of royalties for their songs.

Is Hi-Fi better than Master?

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However, let’s focus on the quality of the music on offer. Quite often users who want to buy a subscription to get unrestricted access to Tidal functions but have some doubts about the service may ask: Is Hi-Fi better than Master? 

Let’s start from the beginning to get to the bottom of this question.

  1.  Tidal offers two main types of subscription only: Premium and Hi-Fi.
  2. There is no Tidal Masters subscription.

The standard Premium version will offer users regular MP3 quality for $9.99. When it comes to the Hi-Fi variant, customers will get lossless audio in FLAC format, and it is comparable to the quality of CDs.

As for Masters, it is just an extra service that is included in the Hi-Fi subscription. So, you don’t have to pay extra money for it. You just pay $19.99 for Hi-Fi and you will get Masters in addition.

Let’s find out what Masters is and what are its benefits? This utility offers subscribers to listen to music files in MQA format. This means that the quality will be higher than FLAC. Therefore, it will be better than a CD. The huge music library of Tidal contains not so many tracks marked as Masters but all these songs will impress every audiophile with clarity. You will hear exactly that sound the performer intended to use when recording his song.

The only drawback is that MQA is currently available on desktop versions of the application only. By the way, it’s also worth mentioning that the sound of this format may not fully reveal without really good music equipment.

Whether or not to buy a subscription to get unrestricted access to Tidal functions is up to you. As a rule, every connoisseur of quality music content should try out all the advantages of a Hi-Fi subscription, including MQA.

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