Is iHeartRadio Available In UK?

iHeartRadio is one of the world’s most popular music streaming radio services. The platform officially operates in only a few countries around the world. The base country is the United States of America. Therefore, when asking yourself if this streaming radio works in the United Kingdom, you can safely ask if this radio works outside of the United States.

iHeartRadio is multifunctional. The first time you open the app, you will need to register. Next, you will be asked to select your favorite genre. While you can skip to this point and select them later, it’s best to do so right away so you can start using the app now.

On the main screen of the app, you will find two tabs, one for your favorite stations and one for all stations. You can add as many radio stations as you like to your favorites. If you’re looking for a specific station or you’re a DJ, then you can find it all in the app without any problems. You can also search for specific radio stations in the app’s search bar. Although the available radio stations come from around the world, the default is set to All Countries.

And if you ever come across a station you’ve never heard of before, you might as well. View your playlist history and listen history to decide if you like the station or not.

In addition, you can also set music playback as an alarm clock. To make your search easier, each station has several tags that you can use to find stations similar to the ones you like.

The app has a colorful interface, which should be enough on its own to keep you entertained. Despite this, you can browse through a huge music catalog with different music genres such as alternative rock, classical, electronic and hip hop. Each of these categories has a radio station that you can choose from.

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Radio is legal in only a few countries. The first is, of course, the United States. Secondly, these are Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Mexico. In the United Kingdom, this list is not included, since iHeartRadio does not officially work in this country. It’s strange, but it’s a fact.

To use streaming radio in the UK, users will need to use VPN when registering a new account and register their account in the US. In this case, all the functionality of this streaming service becomes available to them, as well as a completely free version of the application.

You can also choose a paid version of the application. In this case, there will be no annoying graphic ads, as well as significant limitations of the free version – restrictions on skipping songs for a certain period of time and some other options.

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