Is It Hard To Get On A Spotify Editorial Playlist?

Streaming services have long been the main source of income for many, many people in the music industry. It’s no secret that the global pandemic has caused very serious damage to the music business. Canceled concerts, festivals, even the Grammy World Music Awards were held online. But streaming services were gaining momentum, this industry, on the contrary, was developing at a hypertempo.

And now the situation has become such that four out of five dollars, which are the profits of the music industry, are generated precisely by music streaming. Therefore, the interest in music streaming services among artists is growing every day. After all, they consider them as a point of application of their forces and the main source of profit. That is why the world’s leading music streaming service, the Swedish streaming service Spotify, cannot fail to attract the attention of both professional and emerging artists.

Getting royalties from Spotify depends on many factors. This is the number of listens of this or that river of the artist, and the regions of the world in which his tracks were listened to most often, and the percentage of paid subscribers among listeners, and the percentage of profit, which is determined by the periodic meeting of the founders of Spotify for this period. In total, according to the leaders of the service, Spotify has paid more than $16 billion in royalties to artists over the years of its operation.

Getting into Spotify’s editorial playlist means a lift. This unequivocally accelerates the development of an artist’s career on the service, increases the number of his auditions and, accordingly, profit, that is, royalties. And if you get into several Spotify editorial lists at once, then this is just a huge success for any artist.

Spotify For Artists is a dedicated Swedish music streaming service for artists. Using this application will be the key to success for both the beginner and the experienced artist. The first step to get featured on Spotify’s editorial lists is to sign up for an account on this artist app. Next, you need to perform a certain sequence of actions.

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Your still unreleased music must be offered to the editors of the service at least a week before the expected release of the track. And it is better to do it in advance four weeks in advance. Editors will need time to evaluate.

Getting into the editorial playlist of Spotify is a big deal for any artist. It is difficult to do this, but it is possible. In order to get into the editorial list of Spotify, the artist needs to constantly post their songs on the service and, in general, be as active as possible. Then the editors will notice the artist. It is impossible to buy or otherwise get a place in the editorial playlist of a streaming service, there is only a described path with a clearly defined algorithm of actions.

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