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Is it hard to remix a song?

Do you have a special musical vision and don’t see the world the way others do? Maybe you are a choreographer, and you want the track to represent the movements of the dance as accurately as possible? Or you’re a school teacher who’s been tasked with organizing a kids’ party? 

Is it hard to remix a song?

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There can be many reasons to create a remix but the only conclusion is that you can learn anything if you’re passionate about what you do, even if you’re just an ordinary guy.

So, is it hard to remix a song? Actually, it depends on your purpose. If you want to make a simple remix, a free smartphone app is enough. If your goal is to do it on a more professional level and make remixing an income, then you need at least to have a fundamental knowledge of electronic music production and have a DAW installed on your computer.

You can start by watching YouTube videos on channels such as The Producer School, Hyperbits, LHB Music or find a channel that teaches you how to use the platform you have installed. You can also go to the websites Acapellas4U, DJ City, and BPM Supreme for vocals for your works. On the resources we have told you about, all materials are in free access. But remember that not all artists allow their songs to be used for your work, as they are protected by copyright.

Also, before creating a remix, DJs listen to the original track and existing remixes of the song many times. Firstly, it helps to avoid similarities, and you won’t get plagiarized. Also, listening carefully to the track in different interpretations helps DJs to decide what they like and what they want to cut, and where to put accents, and what to make more neutral.

After that, you can download the original audio tracks on the remix contests, DJ Pools, and sample packs, as well as resources such as Loopmasters or Splice where you can find sounds for your future remixes.

After the preparatory phase, you can finally get down to the remixing itself. We won’t dwell on the choice of software here, because it depends directly on your goal, your device version, and personal preferences. But be prepared for an interesting and high-quality remix to take some time. And then again, if you want to make a simple remix for your blog video, for your kid’s show, or just for fun, all you need to do is download the app to your phone or another gadget.

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Maybe making remixes is your destiny, and soon the world’s biggest stars will be collaborating with you. If so, you should be aware of all the useful resources in the music world. One such resource is MusConv; it can help you transfer songs, playlists, music videos, and more to more than 50 music streaming services.