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Is it illegal to use Spotify to DJ apps?

Law plays an important role in all aspects of our lives. It gives us some living guarantees and protects our total safety. However, these statements apply to such types of law as civil rights law, family law, and so on.

Is it illegal to use Spotify to DJ?

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However, what about intellectual property law? Can it protect the rights of the creators properly?

Let’s take an example. We have a best-known streaming service Spotify which contains millions of songs. On the other hand, there are some DJing apps that work in strong cooperation with music streaming services like Spotify.

However, what about their law regulation? Is it illegal to use Spotify to DJ apps?

In accordance with Spotify terms and conditions, music can’t be used from Spotify to DJ apps. Due to Spotify policy, the company grants users a limited license to use music content for non-commercial purposes only.

Long story short, you can use Spotify’s content to DJ apps for your own entertainment only. However, it’s prohibited to use it at commercial gigs.

To avoid legal battles with Spotify, it’s better to find another platform that will allow you to use music content legally. There are thousands of platforms where you can find millions of songs for free.

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However, if you have used Spotify for years, it would be easier to transfer all your saved songs, or playlists to another platform by using the special service MusConv. It’s your personal assistant in the matter of music transferring. Rely on the MusConv and welcome your favorite songs on another music streaming service in some minutes.