Is it legal to DJ with Spotify?

Have you ever thought about DJing at home? Just imagine the scene when you sit with the desktop and put your favorite tracks together like a professional DJ.

Is it legal to DJ with Spotify?

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Did you imagine it? Now you are just one step away from this dream! The only thing which you have to do is to download a special DJing app and add your music from a streaming platform.

We are sure that you have an account in Spotify that consists of different playlists which you would like to add to the app. However, do you know is it legal to DJ with Spotify?

Don’t know the answer to this question? Stop panic! Now we are going to clear up the situation.

First of all, let’s start with the latest Spotify news which concerns DJing. On the 1st of July, 2020 this platform stopped the integration with third-party DJ apps. That’s why there is no sense to answer the question. However, if you still want to get the answer to whether it was legal to DJ with Spotify or not, we will be happy to satisfy your interest.

The answer is a little bit complicated. Yes, you can use musical content from Spotify without breaking the law. But, such action violated Conditions of Service of this service. Sounds weird, but it’s true. The Spotify platform can say one things and do another.

However, Spotify isn’t the only one who has such an issue. Other music platforms like Amazon and Apple have the same one.

Nonetheless, it’s really strange why Spotify decided to stop such a popular collaboration. Despite it, you shouldn’t put your dream in a drawer. Want to try your hand at DJing? Just choose the DJing app which can seamlessly integrate with Tidal or Sound Cloud and allow you to feel like a DJing star!

Have never used Tidal or Sound Cloud? It’s not a problem. They are very similar to the Spotify app and you will understand how to use them just in a few minutes.

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