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Is it legal to download music from YouTube for personal use?

Did you know that you obliged to pay for absolutely all the content that you consume in order to use it legally? Some time ago there were more opportunities to consume content for free, but it wasn’t actually legal.

is it legal to download music from YouTube for personal use

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So, today most works are subject to copyright, and you cannot consume and download content completely free of charge. But Internet users often ignore the rules and try to download content even from YouTube!

So, is it legal to download music from YouTube for personal use? In fact, we can’t give you a clear answer to this question. Let’s find out why. According to YouTube’s Terms of Service, you are not allowed to save any content if there is no Download button beneath the music video. So, you are not allowed to take any actions related to copyrighted content. Many users disagree with this and try to hack the system every day. However, you should agree that this is not fair to those who create this content, spending a lot of resources to show their work to the world community.

 One more thing to mention about it is even if you download copyrighted content, you are still “violating the law”. But how is it possible? Actually, you “pay” for the content while watching it with ads or when you have a paid subscription on YouTube Premium. Those measures are taken to avoid problems with the quality of streaming video and exceeding the data download limit. And so avoiding ads is also illegal.

But is there a really legal way?

Actually, you can do it legally. All you can do in this situation is to download content without copyright or when the owner gives permission to do it.

So, what videos can you download without violating the law?

  1. Youcan find Public domain content that appears in the public domain after the copyright has become inapplicable for certain reasons.
  2. Creative commons – the compositions whose owners gave permission for distribution, despite the fact that copyright is preserved.
  3. Copyleft gives the right to use original content to create a new one without obtaining copyright.

We hope that you have found the answer to your question. If you decide to transfer your music content (tracks, videos, artist biographies, playlists, etc.) from YouTube or any other streaming app to another platform, you may have some difficulties.

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