Is It Possible To DJ On A Laptop With Traktor?

The specialized DJing application Traktor, has long been a very popular and effective tool in the hands of beginners and experienced DJs. But can it be used without the expensive controllers and other gear we’ve come to associate DJs with?

Traktor has some great features that make it useful for portable DJs. Traktor DJ 2 is a free version of Traktor with basic features and an incredibly well-designed GUI for DJing on laptops.

Traktor Pro 3 is the full version that allows DJs to connect to controllers and other equipment. Traktor’s main weapon is its interface, and several deck layout configurations allow you to perfectly optimize it for DJing, particularly on laptops. The software mixer is simple and easy to access, and waveform images can be precisely controlled with the mouse.

The free version of Traktor DJ 2 also works great on tablets and phones. It is essentially optimized for portability and as such portable DJs are well thought out in its design. This allows DJs to easily access many advanced features from the interface such as FX, loopers and samplers, while the library easily expands and collapses in and out of view.

Traktor DJ Pro 3 adds a host of additional features, including highly customizable interface and controls. Hotkeys are easy to edit, software company Native Instruments clearly had laptop users in mind when designing it, and it’s superbly optimized without sacrificing features.


  • Stunning interface
  • Simple and minimalist, ideal for laptop use
  • The free version is ideal for DJing on a laptop.
  • Pro version provides more flexibility and hardware

The obvious disadvantages of Traktor DJ 2 and Traktor DJ 3 include incompatibility with many types of controllers if you use them occasionally in your work.

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DJing on laptops is not as easy as many people think. Yes, you obviously tend to use the sync feature, since manually bit-aligning and bit-mapping is just not practical. At the same time, however, you have to deal with the fact that all your controls are limited to a small space and not easily accessible.

When you work as a portable DJ, you usually do it with two channels, unless you use multi-channel modes that adapt to events and work as DJs where they have to play hundreds of tunes for many hours. For dynamic musical performances, using two decks will free up screen space and make it easier to access mixer controls.

The software mixer on a laptop contains software versions of all the main mixer controls. You’ll find gain, EQs, channels, crossfaders, and more.

DJing on a laptop is cheap, convenient, and effective for many types of gigs. Most of the major DJ software fully support the laptop DJ function. The industry has recognized the demand and is supplying quality software that cannot be used with external hardware alone. 

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