Is It Possible To Do Without A Label?

Labels are an integral part of a successful music career. This is the generally accepted opinion. But modern technology has made its own adjustments. Now the artist can distribute his music independently without intermediaries. The decision to collaborate with or leave a label is entirely up to the artist.

Everything the label does, you can do. With money, the Internet, a telephone, you can do most of these actions yourself. At the same time, it is important to take into account that you will have less time for creativity, and you will also have to improve administrative skills on your own. You should also not forget that all possible risks fall on your shoulders.

There are many advantages, but also many disadvantages, when working with a label. The main disadvantage is that the label will have to share profits. From each performance you will receive a much smaller percentage. But at the same time, the amount itself as a whole can be much more than if you performed on your own.

With a label, you can’t have complete control over everything. Some decisions will be made for you by managers or owners. These solutions may not always be to your liking. A lot in this case will depend on the corporate culture in the label team, but you must understand. That in this cooperation now there are not only your interests.

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The existence of obligations to the label. You have less flexibility in terms of rest and choice of projects. If you want to take a break, it may be contrary to the terms of the contract. But it all depends on your arrangements. Somewhere the artist has great autonomy, somewhere he is shackled into limits and obligations. However, there will be obligations anyway. You may also be limited in terms of creativity. This is something that many artists fear. The nature of restrictions can be different – from soft advice to a categorical ban. This is not always true, but there are practically no labels where artists are given complete autonomy.

A very negative point can be the loss of part of the property rights. Depending on the terms of the contract, after leaving the label, you may be left without your songs, you will not be able to perform and earn them. If you think about your future career after breaking up with the label, then this moment can be very painful.

Any artist, before deciding to collaborate with a label, must weigh all the possible advantages and disadvantages. The more popular the artist himself is, the more sales of his songs and music, the more favorable conditions for potential cooperation the label can offer him. If these conditions suit the artist, then why not agree with them?!

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