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Is it possible to upload music to Spotify?

Among the many services for streaming music, Spotify can be called a «pioneer» in the world. Spotify is one of the music streaming services that allows you to play music from the music library on the Internet. Music data is not stored on devices such as smartphones, but is reproduced when working on the Internet.

You can use Spotify to play songs online, or you can download local files to your computer, smartphone, or CD in Spotify for listening. However, not all local files loaded into Spotify can be played back.

You can download music to the service on all devices. For example, to download to your smartphone, scroll down the «Settings» screen that appears and tap «Import My Music». You will then be taken to the «Import Song» screen. Lists all local files stored on your smartphone. Moreover, songs that you have already uploaded to Spotify will not be displayed here, which is convenient.

Check the local files you want to download, and then click Import in the upper-right corner of the screen. The selected songs will be uploaded to the service. You can check and play downloaded songs in «My Library».

Сan you upload music to Spotify

If you want to download music to the service on your computer, run Spotify software on your PC and click the arrow in the upper right corner. Select «Settings» from the drop-down menu that appears. In the preference list, under «Local Files», check «Show local files». Next, the «Show Next Song» item appears in the «Show Local Files» section. Click «Add Sync Location» to specify a folder to save the local files you want to download. You can select hidden folders or disable folders that you do not want to upload. Open Spotify on your computer, select one or more songs or albums, and then add them to your playlist. You can select a song between two songs at a time by clicking one song in the local file you want to download, holding down the «Shift key» on the keyboard, and clicking another song. Then right-click and select «Add to Playlist» to add the selected song.

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If your PC does not have a CD-ROM device, such as a laptop, use an external device. This is when you need to download songs from the CD. For a Windows PC, type «Windows Media Player» in the search box in the lower left corner, and press Enter. After running the «Windows Media Player» firmware from the search results, click Import CD to import songs from the CD to your computer.

Further, it is recommended to check the completeness and quality of the downloaded music. As a rule, there are no problems. But if they still appeared, then you can contact the support service of the Swedish streaming service, clearly forming a question. The answer can be obtained very quickly.

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