Is It True That Friday Is The Best Day To Release A Song?

If you are an artist and are serious about making a name for yourself in the music industry, then you need to make some effort to promote the results of your creativity.

And it’s best to release songs on Friday. Perhaps this will surprise you, and you will think of superstitions, for example, about Friday the 13th. But superstitions in this case have absolutely nothing to do with it. This is purely pragmatism.

Yes, we can say that this is true and this is not because of the atmosphere of the coming weekend. Of course, this also contributes to a certain extent. However, what is dictating the market trend is the Swedish music streaming service Spotify.

Friday is the day when all playlists of music streaming platforms are updated. The giants of the world’s music streaming and other stores like iTunes, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc. are following the same pattern. As a result, it’s increasingly common to see artists scheduling their music to be released Thursday through Friday.

In this sense, by uploading your release in advance, you are guaranteed to be at least on the “release radar” playlist. Also, if you make a good presentation and get cut by the curator, your chances of being included in the editorial playlist increase, which can also increase your exposure.

However, it is worth considering that these days the volume of downloads will be higher, and soon the competition. In view of this, it is always worth having good launch strategies, doing a good warm-up in front of the audience and making some noise.

How to plan a song release? The best alternative is to understand the function of your music. If she has something to listen to while cleaning or, for example, when she cries into the pillow. Then figure out who you want to reach out to and get as close to those people as possible. Finally, design the narrative so that this audience can interact with and identify with what is about to happen.

Even though we haven’t built an audience yet, it’s possible to captivate future fans by creating channels of closer relationships and providing exclusive content and experiences. Creativity is a big deal these days and using tools like Whatsapp, Telegram, close friends, etc. can help you a lot. Here we are talking about relationships, setting expectations, and above all, planning ahead.

Releasing your music in 2023 is a multi-step process. After all, it’s not enough to record your sound and make it available on the platforms.

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Currently, the means of production (home studios) and distribution (digital platforms) are democratized. After all, almost everyone has access to these resources. However, if everyone has access, there is an overwhelming number of releases. Soon, many good sounds were trapped in Internet anonymity.

Therefore, it is not enough to record and release, you need a strategy to promote your work, whether it’s a single, an EP or a full-length album.

Work to promote your music must begin before the release date. By the way, the goal should be exactly this: to create hype around this date. This means that you need to start moving your parts a few months before the song comes out.

With a consistent pre-launch strategy, you can grow your existing audience and get more people on social media interested in your work. In addition, you can create enthusiasm and expectations for the album in the listeners and eventually turn them into fans.

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