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Is it worth having Apple Music?

Apple Music is a music streaming platform developed by Apple Corporation. She has gained great popularity with music lovers all over the world. Apple Music works great on any gadget. It has a pleasant and intuitive interface, the developers have done a good job on effective algorithms for individual musical recommendations and relevant playlists.

 Apple Music is only available with a paid subscription. But every new subscriber is entitled to a three-month free trial period.

Apple Music has developed several options for paid subscriptions: individual, family and student. This popular streaming service regularly holds various promotions for its listeners with very favorable conditions. By subscribing, the user gets access to all the functionality of the service. This is more than 60 million music tracks with a large segment of national music from different regions and countries of the world. Owners of a paid subscription can download their favorite tracks, exclusive playlists and listen to them on all gadgets.

The streaming platform pursues a very flexible pricing policy, so each region of the world has its own tariff. For example, for Russia the cost of a subscription is almost two times lower than for the United States of America.

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Apple Music has become so popular for a reason. It is famous not only for its technical perfection and a huge media library, but also for the high sound quality of music. This is especially true if the user has high-quality equipment for playing music tracks. A significant disadvantage of Apple Music is the inability to use the free version on an ongoing basis, which is provided by many competitors.

This is the main and probably the only significant drawback of this streaming service. Like any Apple product, this streaming platform will not disappoint its subscribers.

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