Is it worth paying for YouTube Premium?

Megapopular service YouTube offers two subscription options: Free and Premium. Using the free version, the user, of course, saves budget, but while listening to his favorite music and watching videos, he is forced to interrupt for frequent advertising pauses, he will not be able to download tracks and videos for their offline listening and viewing, and the playback quality is certainly slightly lower than in the paid version.

Well, let’s look that the subscription to YouTube Premium gives us. Usually, users do not agree to pay for anything. YouTube Premium gives the user access to a wide range of unique content on the YouTube, removes advertising, allows you to download video and watch it in the background.

The lack of annoying advertising is probably the most important argument in favor of YouTube Premium. Advertising that interrupts an interesting film on a valuable channel is just annoying. Therefore, displaying content without advertising for a small fee, which YouTube shares with the authors, may be acceptable.

Downloading video content is unlikely to be a tangible advantage. After all, for most popular web browsers, there are plugins that allow you to download offline films for free. People who use them are unlikely to want to pay for it.

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The YouTube Originals attachment includes exclusive video content. These are, for example, TV shows, feature films and documentaries. Some authors publish videos only on YouTube Originals, as part of a subscription to YouTube Premium.

And another advantage is the ability to listen to music on a phone with the display turned off and with a minimized application (background playback). It’s convenient.

Here, perhaps, are all the main benefits of YouTube Premium subscription to a popular service. Considering them, each user will be able to individually decide whether to issue a paid subscription or continue to use YouTube for free.

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