Is It Worth Switching From Apple Music To Spotify?

Spotify and Apple Music are the two biggest music streaming companies that still successfully compete with each other in terms of volume and quality of services, as well as in popularity. Positive and negative sides can be found in each of them. Therefore, it is not easy for the user to decide which service to give the final preference to. This leads to the fact that music lovers switch from one service to another and back.

One of the reasons for this transition is the choice of the device on which the music will be listened to. For example, Apple Music, although it supports the Android system, is still more harmoniously integrated into the ecosystem of various Apple gadgets. Spotify is installed without problems and with the same quality on any possible device.

Practical users also note that Apple Music has tools that allow you to control music remotely, but they are only valid in certain scenarios. With Spotify, there are practically no problems with switching tracks from another device, the tools for this are presented here more widely.

For real music lovers, the presence and functionality of the radio is of great importance. It is considered convenient to start the radio by track or artist. This feature is more comfortable with Spotify. In addition, the Spotify music platform is a recognized leader in the recommendations section. The Swedish streaming platform’s music recommendation algorithms are based on the history the music user listened to.

The Cupertino-based streaming platform also has its own music recommendation system. Users who listen to apple music note the high accuracy of these recommendations. The fact is that Apple Music repeated the Spotify experience by introducing music recommendations, but at the same time, it was the first among music streaming services to use artificial intelligence to create them.

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As for the library, in Apple Music it is much larger and has about 90 million tracks, while in Sprotify the number of musical compositions is about 80 million. With Apple Music, you can create your own music library according to your preferences.

Apple Music rightly boasts a selection of video clips. The Spotify service is clearly losing in this direction, but it can please karaoke lovers.

If we consider the technological functionality, then we should remember the functions “composition without compression” and “spatial radio” in the Apple Music service, which create the effect of presence.

Users of the Spotify music platform note the ability to use a large random and follow the latest releases of their favorite artists as a big plus in using this service, along with the free version of the streaming company. Music lovers who fell in love with Apple Music note that the car’s media system and other convenient functions work better with this service.

There is only one thing to advise: in practice, use the Spotify music service in the free version, compare both platforms and decide which one suits your individual preferences more.

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