Is iTunes better than Apple Music?

Apple has made many changes to its work system in recent years. All of these innovations have affected the way their gadgets are designed. But on top of that, the very ecosystem of applications inside the company’s devices has also changed.

Is iTunes better than Apple Music?

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For this reason, many users have become confused. Which one of the applications performs its functions better? Which one should be used and which one should not? Such questions touched on musical applications as well. Therefore, a lot of customers are interested: “Is iTunes better than Apple Music?

Many users compare these two services because they are real fans of high-quality music. But, it is worth saying that these platforms are totally different services.

iTunes is an application that covers almost all the content that it is possible to download on your device:

  • music;
  • books;
  • videos and movies;
  • podcasts;
  • shows and concerts.

In addition, the software is capable of performing such critical functions as:

  • managing mobile devices;
  • purchasing;
  • storing purchased content;
  • online radio playback;
  • organizing all multimedia content;
  • finding the lost device.

However, let’s consider Apple Music, it is an ordinary streaming service. It is similar to platforms like Spotify and Tidal. Basically, this application just focuses on pure music. But it has a few differences from iTunes, the main one is the type of content consumption.

To listen to music on Apple Music, all you have to do is buy a monthly subscription. This will give you access to millions of tracks. In contrast, iTunes allows you to buy only single pieces of media content.

Moreover, Apple Music has a wider range of features in terms of music. This means that by paying for a subscription you get:

  • the ability to create and manage your own playlists;
  • the chance to share your playlists with friends;
  • access to your family and friends’ music;
  • an excellent recommendation system that will suggest new music for you to listen to;
  • possibility to sign up for artists and follow them;
  • karaoke function.

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Of course, it’s up to you to choose which listening format suits you best. But if you want to try transferring your personal files to the Apple Music app, try to use the assistance of the Musconv service. This software will do the easy transfer in a short time and provide a comfortable migration to the new streaming service. If you are in doubt, start your free trial!