Is Kim Taehyung Pure Korean?

In 2013, a project was born in South Korea, which subsequently largely determined the development of the music world. It was in July of this year that the boy band BTS was created.

The group has seven members, each of whom is dear to the fans in their own way. Some of them ask questions about the guys, in particular, whether one of the members of the notorious group, Kim Taehyung, is really a full-blooded Korean.

V on the stage focused his attention on the appearance of a natural stage master, dominating the space with just a glance, the appearance of a painterly genius and his original and sensual appearance. On the other hand, he posed for his fans in a cute V-pose or looked at the camera with a playful smile.

Kim Taehyung Pure Korean

V made fans smile with his beauty, which just conveys love to the fans. In all these moments, V seems to be proud and with dignity bears the title that numerous female fans have given him: “The most beautiful title collector in the world.”

Kim Taehyung was born on December 30, 1995. He is a full-blooded Korean born and raised in Daegu. He is the eldest of three children and has a younger brother and sister. Today, the popular singer is better known by his stage name V. Yes, just one letter, short and clear.

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But this star guy is not only a popular singer from the BTS group, but also a songwriter, as well as a producer who has a fairly serious business in the music industry.

Kim Taehyung received the Order of Cultural Merit from the hands of the President of the country, which was awarded to all members of the mega-popular South Korean boy band for their merits in popularizing South Korean culture around the world. By the way, he became the youngest recipient of this award in the history of the Republic of Korea.

During his career, Kim Taehyung has entered many prestigious international music competitions and also starred in a feature film where he played himself.

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