Is MuseScore As Good As Sibelius?

Sheet music editors are specialized programs that allow the set, editing and printing of new sheet music. Today, when the whole world is filled with computer technology, this powerful editor has become a tool for all professionals in the music industry. He works at various levels, with scores of various categories and music of different directions. Notes are recorded using a mouse and a MIDI keyboard.

Most of the exchange of information takes place using the MIDI format. But there are cases of not entirely accurate recording of notes. A special format is more suitable for high-quality exchange. Music editors MuseScore and Sibelius deserve special attention. These are two programs that are popular among composers. They have long proven their effectiveness in music writing and have become indispensable tools for music writers. Naturally, there are other programs with good functionality, but they are used much less often.

Sibelius is considered to be a program that provides the ability to perform all the functions provided for typing notes. This program will come in handy for composers, music editors and everyone who is somehow involved in the music industry. Among other things, it makes synchronization with music sequencers possible. Sibelius is a paid program. In addition, it is most often viewed as an app for professional musicians.

MuseScore is a free version of music editing software. In it, the recording of musical signs is provided in a universal way. You can also export finished material. If we talk about the interface, then in most of the window there is a stave, and what other elements are swinging, then their developers have grouped around the stave. The developer has provided a large and effective set of templates and other tools necessary for writing music. Comparing MuseScore with Sibelius, we can say that the first program makes much less demand on computer resources. But it has an almost universal set for those who write music.

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There is a preview panel under the music sheet. It shows thumbnails of the entire project, with which you can quickly jump to the desired position of the score. Notes in MuseScore can be entered in three ways: with the mouse, using the «hot» keys of a conventional keyboard and using a MIDI keyboard.

By default, MuseScore runs in edit mode. In order to start typing notes, you need to activate the «Note input mode». This can be done by the corresponding button on the note input panel (in the form of the letter «N») or by pressing the «N» key on the computer keyboard.

Sibelius is more suitable for professional musicians and composers, but MuseScore is for amateur use, although this program can be used by professionals.

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