Is MuseScore Legal Today?

MuseScore is a music editor with the ability to quickly enter notes from both a computer keyboard and an external MIDI keyboard. Created in 2002 by Werner Schweer, this program continues to win the hearts of music lovers today. This program is used by both amateurs and professionals. It is free and available in 15 major languages of the world. Note editor works great with all operating systems — Windows, macOS and Linux.

The program is legal, and you can use it without any problems. MuseScore owns the GNU GPL free software license. This category of license means that the developers or owner of the software has placed it at the disposal of the public.


In 2020, the application has some problems. At the cost of’s continued operation, it became necessary to license musical scores for well-known and popular musical works, which have copyright holders represented by renowned international production companies. Therefore, the service has limited the ability for users to use it and introduced a paid subscription for those who want to use licensed music content. The Muse Group, which owns this service, has a copyright obligation under international law. This only applies to licensed musical works. The possibility of unlimited use of licensed music content threatens not only active work, but also the existence of the entire application as a whole.

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Previously, music content could be placed on MuseScore completely free of charge and without restrictions. However, the owners of music copyright began to besiege the service and engage in critic pressure on it, the MuseScore developers have spent a lot of effort to preserve the site itself and the possibility of continuing its work.

The main claims of the copyright holders are that only the copyright holder can have the right to transcribe a piece of music into a score and subsequent arrangement. And this right is completely irrespective of who performed his musical transcription and arrangement.

A so-called legal conflict has arisen. The investigation continues today, and the service is forced to introduce a paid subscription for those wishing to get the Pro option. This has scared off many users who are used to the free features of this software and, most importantly, its availability. The near future will show how this legal conflict will end.

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