Is Musi аpp good?

The music streaming application Musi is used every day by more than one million people. This is the statistics as of April 2021. This application for the Android and iOS which entered TOP 100 of the best applications in virtual shops in the territory of the United States of America and Canada.

For some time, the application was not in the App Store. But today it is again available in this virtual store. The application is incredibly convenient and friendly to use, almost any user can understand its functions.

Musi provides access to the latest world hits and playlists, it has a huge media library.

The downside of the application, according to analysts in the music streaming market, is a somewhat insecure advertising marketing campaign and availability exclusively in the English version. For example, if a Spanish-language version were available, it would find numerous subscribers in Mexico and Central and Latin America.

The application works perfectly on the Android and iOS operating system. It’s free to use.


The developers of the application, which is only six years old, where themselves surprised at how successful their creation was. The number of its users reached twenty million.

It is interesting that the application was created by high school students of American high school Aaron Voinowski and Christian Lanni. The product turned out to be ideal if you consider it from the point of view of a streaming music application. But they, unfortunately, could not provide an effective advertising and marketing campaign for their product. As so far, there has not been a large investor to further improve and promote the product in the global streaming music market.

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Today, the capitalization of the application is constantly increasing and has already reached several tens of millions of dollars. It is likely that in the near future the application will take its place among the leaders of the streaming music market. Today, it is already among the top five leaders in the American and Canadian markets. Namely, the American music streaming market is the leading in the world and is of greatest interest both for streaming services and directly for artists and music rights holders.

So, you can recommend this appendix for use. It is convenient, intuitive and does not require any special skills to master it. The media library of the application will allow you to access a huge number of tracks. First of all, we are talking about English-language audio content.

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