Is Napster better than Spotify?

Napster is a popular American music streaming service. It offers music lovers a large library of over 40 million music tracks. But Napster is only distributed with a paid subscription. Its cost is comparable to that of most other paid music streaming services. A music lover who has a paid subscription can use the free version of the application for 14 or 30 days, depending on the tariff.

Two of the three tariff plan options offer the opportunity to listen to your favorite music not only when connected to the Internet, but also offline. Artists in the Napster library are sorted by genre, and the user has the ability to apply many different filters when searching for their favorite music. In addition, he can engage in creating his own lists and share music with others.

 The basic functionality of Napster is pretty much standard, but it’s still a long way from giants like Spotify.

First, Spotify is free to use on an ongoing basis. Secondly, the library of this music streaming service from Sweden, which is considered the best in the world today, exceeds 60 million music tracks. Music in his media library is presented in all its diversity, in it you can find not only popular performers and well-known world hits, but also national musical segments.

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The cost of a paid Spotify subscription is comparable to the cost of a subscription to Napster, but the Swedish service is running many different promotions, as a result of which users can significantly save on paid subscriptions. A significant advantage of Spotify is that it is available in most countries of the world today, while Napster officially only operates in a few dozen countries. Spotify has over 140 million paid subscribers, with an estimated 300 million music lovers around the world using the service.

So it’s safe to say that when comparing Napster to Spotify, the music streaming service from Sweden is way ahead.

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