Is Napster free with Amazon Prime?

American streaming music service Napster can be listened to with a paid subscription. Its price is very affordable, so most users simply subscribe to one of the service’s tariff plans without any problems.

But many music lovers are interested in the question – is Napster free with Amazon Prime? We will try to answer it. The well-known Amazon Prime subscription portal uses a variety of applications. You can use Prime Music, which is a music streaming service. This application is very popular today, although the library of its music is considered small when compared with the leaders of the world streaming market, whose media library exceeds 60-70 million music tracks.

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But not everything is so sad. On Prime Music, for example, you can listen to licensed music tracks that are played on the American streaming service. But their quantity will be limited only to two million. In comparison, the media library of the аmerican streaming service exceeds 40 million music tracks. While listening to music on Amazon Prime, music fans will not lose sound quality, but it will be more difficult to find their favorite songs, because the music search algorithm on Netflix is ​​much more efficient.

If a user wants to save money when subscribing to an American streaming service, then it is better for him to choose the option of the Netflix tariff plan, which allows you to use a free trial version of this application for one month. In the cheapest version of the tariff plan, the service provided the possibility of using a free trial version for 14 days.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are completely different services with different owners. There are no corporate agreements between these companies, no cooperation agreements. Therefore, you won’t be able to get a free Netflix subscription on Amazon Prime.

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