Is Napster Still Around 2022?

2001 was fatal for the once-famous and popular music streaming service (formerly known as the peer-to-peer network) Napster. It was in December of this year that the server of this platform was disabled by the decision of the American court. And gradually they began to forget about it.

But such a famous brand could not be forgotten for a long time. In the same year, the company was bought by Roxio, which had previously been known for its CD burning software. Since 2003, Napster has become a legal music service that no longer works with P2P exchange, and file offerings have become paid.

Even though former Napster users had already switched to alternative tools, the guys at Roxio had put all their money into Napster 2.0 and believed it would work, even offering paid content – which obviously wasn’t a good move at the time. After all, users were already used to downloading music for free (without worrying about the legality of this) and did not want to pay for it.

Until mid-2008, Napster continued to try to regain success with this new format and, even with a strong advertising campaign in the United States, failed to please and walk away. At this point in the championship, the company was sold again, this time to Best Buy, an electronics company.

Is Napster Still Around 2022

Best Buy, which has multiple stores across the US selling cell phones and other electronic equipment, was named “Company of the Year” by Forbes magazine in 2004 and became “everyone’s fashion” when it acquired Napster in 2008 for $121 million.

The idea was to sell subscriptions to the new Napster in physical stores, but things didn’t go according to plan. The company then partnered with Rhapsody and SanDisk to relaunch Napster as a multi-brand music service called “The Best Buy Digital Music Store”. The big problem (apart from the fact that it wasn’t very practical to go to the store in person to buy digital music) was that the format being sold was not compatible with the format adopted by the mainstream music device that was already successful in 2008: Apple’s iPod .

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Best Buy’s foray into MP3 downloads failed and Napster was sold again, with Rhapsody becoming its ultimate owner in 2011.

Rhapsody is an online music store that started in 2001 as a humble online radio service called, which quickly changed its name to It then took on the title that was in use until then, offering music over the Internet for a monthly subscription of just US$10. After acquiring Napster in 2012, the company began expanding its business with a new acquisition in an attempt to make its streaming service grow.

But growth does not appear to have gone in the desired direction, and this time the maneuver is to drop the Rhapsody name and use the renowned Napster in this new venture. In other words, a music streaming service that has been running for several years will continue to be strong, but by banking on the Napster myth, it will not only bring old P2P users into the world of legal streaming, but also attract a new circle of subscribers. The new Napster is now also available in 2022 for music lovers.

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