Is Pandora music free?

Pandora is a California-based freemium music streaming service brought to you by Sirius XM Holdings. There are tons of features to be found here as well as tempting price plans and a cozy UI, so let’s dive deeper into what you’ll find here and what you can expect. 

What’s freemium? This means that, like Spotify, Pandora offers free features you can gain access to easily and quickly by going to and signing up. They’re even up to date with rules of political correctness to include non-binary gender registration option in the form.  Wows. So you can see this stark new platform is keeping up with the times, and that includes an understanding that people don’t want to sign up for stuff they don’t know about, let alone pay money for it. They want to try it first! This is why it offers you a way to try out a list of its features for free first and then go for a paid plan with tons of useful functionality. 

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Brownie points: this service is really simple to use, supports tons of different devices, provides you with mastodon amounts of free content, and there are useful customizable features that will make your life a lot easier and allow you to get the most out of Pandora with the least possible effort. 

Watch out, however, if you’re from a list of countries Pandora doesn’t support. You can easily get locked out of the system with no way of going back. Ouch! Oh well, there are dozens of non-racist music streaming systems out there today, and MusConv allows you to transfer tracks between the best of them such as Spotify, VK, Google Music, and many, many others. Try us! 

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