Is Pandora or Amazon Music better?

Amazon Music is one of the most well-known services around with over 55 000 000 subscribers. 

Pandora features slightly (compared to Spotify’s 280 000 000 users) more, which is just over 63 000 000 at the last count. How do you figure which one of them is best though? 

What makes a “better” service? Ease of entry? Better library? Large user base? In that case, we recommend you come over to Spotify (just kidding). But if you want to know which service is actually better, you’d need to compare and contrast, which will probably take you a while if you do it on your own. 

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Fortunately for you, MusConv is right here if you need a quality guide, latest advice, or to transfer track to a new system if you’re disappointed in the current one. MusConv offers to transfer tracks between the world’s leading music streaming services like Tidal, SoundCloud, Google Music, Spotify, and so on. 

So what’s up with Pandora? Once one of the most popular services around, Pandora still enjoys features users value like an impressive selection of tracks, the Music Genome Project, which is still pretty much the best at what it does, and arguably better sound quality than even Spotify. 

But its numbers are steadily dwindling. Is there a reason? Probably. 

Is it better than Pandora all things considered? We’d have to lean toward Amazon Music as the winner in this case, but just in case you think you may be missing something you can always check out both and you’ll have MusConv backing you either way. Have a great musical journey!

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