Is Pandora Radio Free?

Every day there are more and more applications that provide the possibility of music streaming. The market is constantly expanding, which leads to increasingly tougher competition on it. On the market you can find a wide variety of offers for every taste. But the right choice depends on many factors. Today we will talk about Pandora music streaming app.

Pandora first appeared on the market in 2000. Today, this music streaming service is headquartered in Oakland, United States of America. This is a special music streaming service that has its own twist. To be more precise, this is not a music streaming service in the full sense of the word, but streaming Internet radio.

 Is Pandora Music Free

This musical proposal has wide functionality, it can classify songs by melody, find a song by melody, by instrumentation, by arrangement, and many more parameters. The collected information will be used to issue a personalized station for users that will match their musical tastes.

Pandora’s social function makes this internet radio very popular among music lovers. In particular, there is a separate Pandora mode. It is available to both paid users and those who listen to streaming music without a premium subscription.

Pandora makes an analysis of your musical tastes based on efficient algorithms, as a result of which the user receives exactly the product that he expects to receive on this Internet radio. Internet radio is a great alternative to the many music streaming services that offer their users much less functionality.

You can access a more personalized music streaming platform that is customized based on your musical tastes and reflects your personality.

Many users are wondering how much Pandora costs. Just want to reassure those who are not yet closely familiar with this Internet radio. You can enter Pandora completely free of charge and get access to almost all the wide functionality of this music streaming service.

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The free version of internet radio has a rather limited feature set. There is no way to get high quality sound here, but there is access to 750 different radio stations. Smartphone users of all systems and the web version can get a free version with the same feature set.

There is no difference between desktop app users and mobile app users. We are talking about the same number of songs that can be skipped, access to the same radio stations and many other features.

In case you want to try the Pandora App Premium Subscription, you can get a free trial that is valid for 60 days. There will be no feature set restrictions and no annoying ads. The cost of the Premium version of Internet radio today is about $10 per month.

It is safe to say that Pandora internet radio is one of the best offerings on the music streaming market today.

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