Is Pioneer Releasing A New Mixer?

Surely you have heard of Pioneer if you have anything to do with DJing. This world-famous manufacturer of DJ equipment regularly presents new models that are more technologically advanced and more responsive to consumer needs than previous ones.

Pioneer DJ has announced the latest addition to its family of mixers: the new DJM-S5. The novelty appeared on the market in early summer 2022. This mixer is somewhat different from previous models of the company. For example, it is distinguished by the original bright red color of the body, as well as the updated design of the controls.

Pioneer DJ, renowned worldwide for its professional DJ turntables, has released an all-in-one scratch controller that generously introduced this technology. Of course the attention from the deck is high, but of course the score of the scratch mixer is also the highest and the feedback is there. Also note the new LCD layout, which is more than just a mapping method. It’s a gem that even those who already own a turntable will want.

A new model of DJ equipment designed specifically for use with Serato DJ Pro software. That is, when purchasing this equipment, you buy it already with pre-installed software from the most famous manufacturer of software for DJs. Many applications for DJs have been released these days, but Serato is considered the first manufacturer to perform the necessary pitch control in DJs at high speed and allow the DJ to play stress-free and hassle-free on the spot.

First, Serato was a specialized manufacturer of time-stretching, velocity- and pitch-shifting software for music files.

DJM-S5 will be positioned as equipment that can be seriously engaged in DJing. Serato DJ Pro pre-installed DJ software, which is used, as a rule, by professionals, and not by amateur DJs, speaks for itself.

The biggest features of the new mixer are the paddle effect and pad placement used in high-end scratch mixers, as well as a high-end crossfader.

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This was probably the best release to wake up DJs who want to show their individuality through technique, rather than DJs from the usual mixed styles. Highly conscious fighting type DJs want to DJ in a good environment anytime, anywhere, and it’s the highly conscious people who realize that doing it when they want is the most focused and best.

Pioneer DJ announced with a huge focus on speed, there are still undisclosed parts of the price and other features that guarantee. That a reliable and effective tool will appear in the hands of a DJ.

The manufacturer announced that the new equipment will be sold at a price of 839 US dollars. Naturally, this price is relevant if you purchase a new mixer directly from the manufacturer and in its company representative offices or stores.

 The effectiveness of the new mixer can hardly be disputed, because it has almost all the features that a perfect mixer should have from a DJ’s point of view.

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