Is Playlist Push legit Reddit?

The curatorial streaming platform Playlist push has appeared relatively recently. With its help, you can become a musical curator and earn money by listening to and editing music and playlists of artists.

Some believe that working on Playlist push is not a legitimate type of earnings, like this platform itself. But it’s not. Today, many music lovers who have become musical curators boast that they earn from this service from $1 to $12 for one listening to a song.

Рlaylist push

To register on the platform, you must be the owner of an account on one of the leading streaming music services. In addition, you can become a curator only if there are at least 400 subscribers.

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To get so many subscribers, the Reddit service is ideal, which combines the properties of the streaming service and the social network. And this is important, because it is with this platform that you can distribute your audio content and purchase more and more subscribers. Reddit allows you to actively share your songs and playlists, write comments on them and other music, and score compositions.

And the number of subscribers and feedback from them radically affect your earnings. The amount of payments for the same amount of work performed depends on your rating on the service. That is, for one song you can get one dollar, five dollars or twelve dollars.

The interaction of the streaming service, Playlist push and Reddit can be the most effective way to earn money on the Internet by listening and curating your and someone else’s music and playlists. Moreover, experts who have already managed to effectively work as curators of music recommend the Reddit social network to promote their account and recruit a minimum number of subscribers, which will allow you to start working as a music curator. Reddit is considered a successful project and a social network that is optimal for solving advertising problems.

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