Is Playlist Push legit?

There’s an app that claims to be beneficial for music artists and listeners. Playlist Push is created for Spotify and TikTok users, and it works as an intermediary between unknown artists and ordinary listeners. The specific of this app is that listeners gain money, and artists pay for being added to the platform. Essentially, it’s a way of making money out of playlists; however, it is a legal way.

Is Playlist Push legit?

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If you wish to know, whether Playlist Push is legit or just another scam, try to understand its principles of activity. A third-party platform connects musicians with curators that fit a certain genre of music. Basically, you pay for the promotion of your track or album. You may hope that one of the curators will like it and add it to his playlist.

Let’s start with the advantages:

• Due to the information from the official website, the Playlist Push platform works with almost a thousand popular curators. Each of them meets certain standards, like a popular playlist and more than 500 followers;

• The team sends musicians a thorough report about the campaign, such as the number of streams, listeners, Spotify popularity rating, etc. It’s nice to have proper feedback;

• The platform has an easy and understandable User Interface. Everything is intuitive, so, it doesn’t scare away new users, and it shows that the company invests in its development;

• The platform works with reliable curators only. They have special standards for such activity that must be met. Moreover, they check accounts regularly to make sure they are not bots and that the user is still active. If something goes wrong in the process of advertising, the guilty of a curator is almost impossible.

Now a couple of disadvantages to compare:

• The price is quite expensive. Usually, you need to pay $250 at least for advertising. Depending on how long you wish to use the platform and additional services, the price can be increased to $1,000;

• This app works with Spotify and TikTok only. These platforms are the most popular among youth. However, musicians need to be flexible and work with several platforms;

• Spotify does not support paid music promotion. This service works with its own principles but the same conditions apply. This particular method is not considered illegal, so it is up to you.

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