Is Pro Tools Good For Beginners?

Pro Tools is intended for use by people who are serious about editing music and videos. As a rule, we are talking about professionals, but is it suitable for beginners?

If we consider the set of functions of the application, then, of course, it is suitable for both professionals and beginners. This sophisticated music production software brings everything you need to create, arrange, record, edit, mix, and play back your music with quality – all in one place. This tool offers a wide range of options that allow you to create, record, edit, mix and share tracks.

There are various plugins that allow you to create professional music projects. Avid Pro Tools only works with plug-ins in AAX and RTAS format, but not all third-party developers release their products in this form. Despite the fact that Pro Tools includes VST / AU-To-RTAS / AAX converters, the developers do not promise full support for formats other than AAX.

Avid Pro Tools is a wise choice for those planning to take their projects to a professional recording studio in the future and get maximum compatibility – Pro Tools is everywhere.

But the program also has significant drawbacks, the harms of which are high cost, confusing and difficult for beginners to master the interface and the slowness of developers in the implementation of new functions.

Try it free

So what can newbies do? The high cost of the app scares aspiring musicians. Therefore, Avid has developed a new version of the application, which is completely free. The free software will let you compose, record, edit and mix music to the same high level as its larger counterparts using a dedicated interface, USB adapter or computer sound card. However, the program will allow you to record up to four inputs simultaneously and store up to 16 tracks. The number of projects that can be edited in the program is limited to three, and Avid allows you to store them in the cloud. We also won’t find export to iTunes, SoundCloud and MP3 files here, the ability to work with surround sound and movies, support for some plug-in formats and many additional tools. Some of these components can be purchased as needed.

In recording sessions, it will be possible to use templates for different musical styles, in which we will also find auxiliary samples, typical for the genre, background fragments to complement the background and effects. There are also virtual instruments for which tracks can be positioned in the MIDI editor. With the built-in Xpand synthesizer, you can reproduce the sounds of keyboards, strings, drums, wind instruments, and a variety of electrical devices that normally produce sounds. We will also find tools to improve the tempo of the recorded tracks, including vocals.

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