Is Pro Tools Subscription Only?

Pro Tools has become an indispensable tool for those who are busy recording music and video editing. This professional instrument is able to give out the quality of the recorded sound order.

Pro Tools has changed the definition of the music, film and television industry, providing everything you need to create, record, edit and mix sound – in the studio or in the cloud, from anywhere in the world. If users are editing or creating sounds, accuracy and speed are extremely important when aligning and editing clips. With Pro Tools, clips become translucent whenever you shift or move one clip to another, more clearly showing their context at a visual level. This allows you to mutually align audio clips, relying on the visual arrangement of their wave forms, with much greater accuracy and ease.

Pro Tools offers tools that save time to improve your creativity. Whether you’re writing music or soundtracks for photos – at home or in collaboration with others in the cloud or in the studio – Pro Tools maximizes your productivity so you can stay enthusiastic and focused on doing your job in the best possible way.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools includes everything you need to create music and sound of professional quality. From powerful recording tools, MIDI and score editing to studio audio processors and complete mixing automation – Pro Tools allows you to quickly and easily create, edit and mix large works containing up to 128 sound tracks, 512 tool tracks and 512 MIDI tracks.

With Pro Tools, users of this program can convert sounds, correct what is interesting, and edit tracks with maximum flexibility and precision, crop clips, edit notes, and add attenuation.

Avid decided to change the once popular way to upgrade to higher versions of Pro Tools from the traditional «pay once, get the product» to a subscription. In practice, this means that once a year users will have to pay Avid for the ability to receive updates and newer versions of the program.

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A paid subscription is a prerequisite for obtaining this software. The cost directly depends on the set of functions included in the tariff plan. Users who subscribe receive a free trial of the program, which will be valid for 30 days from the date of subscription.

Subscribers get access to all new versions, technical support and 17 bonus plugins for the year. In addition, Avid regularly conducts promotions when you can subscribe for a much lower cost. There is also a loyalty program for paid subscribers. If you subscribe, for example, for two years at once, then the amount of the subscription fee will be significantly lower than with an annual subscription.

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