Is Pro Tools Worth It 2021?

Pro Tools has long been an indispensable tool for both professional and beginner musicians. But this tool cannot be called cheap because annual or monthly subscriptions are expensive. Of course, the price depends a lot on the version of this popular app and other parameters.

In 2021, the marketing and pricing policy of the company has changed somewhat. This change is largely due to the crisis in the global music industry, which arose due to the pandemic and related quarantine restrictions. Avid today announced that it has released free user licenses that give you virtually unlimited use of Avid Pro Tools, Avid Media Composer and Avid Sibelius. The company’s actions are aimed at supporting musicians and the music industry.

As part of this campaign, Avid is distributing its own software licenses to anyone in need. Shared keys will allow you to use Media Composer Ultimate, Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate and Sibelius Ultimate. But free versions of popular programs are valid for only 90 days, then you have to pay the full cost. In addition, the number of licenses is limited, while free access is provided only to producers of media content and educational institutions.

Pro Tools Worth It 2021

 Avid says it is in its best interest to keep the music industry running smoothly. In order for a company to grant a license, you must either be a student at one of the music universities, or have at least one officially purchased and registered license for Avid products. The company is not going to give access to its software to everyone. In general, the offer is generous, but not for everyone.

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But there is a completely free version of this popular and demanded product. Pro Tools First is a free download that offers new DAW users the opportunity to discover why Pro Tool is leading the music industry in post-production for music and films. Choosing a good quality DAW can be a daunting task as there are a number of factors to consider. Thus, for new DAW users, using and trying out the free version can be quite awesome.

Pro Tools First is for singers, songwriters, and musicians who are taking their first steps in the recording world, or for musicians who have always wanted to try Pro Tools. Basically, Pro Tools First is just a lite version of the real Pro Tool. But it has the same format as the full version. The free version of Pro Tools First offers you 16 audio tracks, 16 virtual instrument tracks, and lets you record four tracks simultaneously.

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