Is Qobuz available in the USA?

Undoubtedly, YouTube and Spotify are the world leaders among various music streaming services. But there are several other platforms that have been leading the music industry for several years, and Qobuz is one of these services.

Is Qobuz available in the USA?

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So, let’s look through the most common questions about Qobuz and get familiar with this interesting platform.

Qobuz is a French streaming service that gives access to tens of millions of music tracks without compressing their sounds. The service is one of the few in the world that offers its users high resolution and high fidelity sound. Therefore, when you listen to music on the Qobuz service, you may think for a moment that you are at a real live concert instead of your home on the couch.

The success of Qobuz is evidenced by the fact that it does not offer free access to its content. However, the service is still in great demand among millions of users in many world  countries.

Is Qobuz available in the USA, and in which other countries can it be used?

Qobuz started its activity in 2007, and there it was only available in some Western European states. But in 2022, users from 24 countries are already able to use this unusual platform. Among the participants, there are most of the European countries, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Australia,  Chile, and, of course, Mexica. The USA has joined Qobuz in 2019 because the American residents often listen to music on various streaming platforms, and they were interested in Qobuz. Moreover, most of the musicians are from the USA, and, as you know, Americans love all the best and they prefer the highest quality, including music hits.

What customers from various countries will get by registering on the Qobuz service?

As we said before, it is real to get the possibility to listen to favorite hits in incredibly high quality, and it is worth a lot. With a paid subscription, you can enjoy over 40 million songs and even download them, and it is the one more pleasant feature because most streaming services don’t allow it to customers.

You can also choose between two plans, which are divided into 3 tariffs: solo, duo, and family. Of course, residents of the US and other countries can use the free version of the service for a month. It’s not much but you can enjoy the quality of the songs you listen to and get a decision about future plans.

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How can I join Qoubuz? It is a popular question. You can download the app to your device or use the website, and enjoy perfect quality. However, before this step, don’t forget to transfer all your songs, albums, and playlists via the special application MusConv from your current streaming service to the new one.