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Is Qobuz better than Apple Music?

If you think that there is no better music streaming service than Apple Music, then today we will tell you about another leader among music platforms – Qobuz. This platform was developed by a French company and it gives you access to more than 60,000 songs in very high resolution.

Is Qobuz better than Apple Music?

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It offers customers many useful features that even the leading streaming platforms can’t offer. So, is Qobuz better than Apple Music? Let’s learn about it!

First, we want to note that as of 2022, Qobuz is higher in the top list of streaming services than everyone’s favorite Apple Music, despite the fact that the latter is more popular. Let’s find out what’s so special about Qobuz.

Qobuz has become known for the quality of its music content. The platform offers music streaming in 16-bit, 44.4 kHz, FLAC, and CD quality formats, which is nothing short of spectacular. The platform offers millions of tracks that you can listen to both online and offline. The songs are accompanied by liner notes in PDF, and it is very convenient, as well as a lot of other content such as artist interviews and other music industry news. Moreover, Qobuz has a stylish and eye-pleasing interface on all versions of the service.

Unfortunately, the Qobuz platform has no audiobooks, podcasts, or similar content. The fact is that files of such formats cannot keep the sound of high resolution, and this is the main feature of the app.

In its turn, the Apple Music app gives customers access not only to music but also to radio, news channels, podcasts by top speakers, books, and so on. Also, what’s important, you have an unlimited number of skips.

A common feature is the absence of free access to music content. Of course, you can use a free trial, but after it, you have to subscribe for a fee. To date, Qobuz has four plans, starting at $12.99. But now there are big discounts in order to attract new customers. Apple Music also offers four interesting plans but the price of the cheapest one is 4.99 per month only. There is also a discount for students.

So, if you are tired of Apple Music and want to enjoy ultra-high resolution music, then download the Qobuz app or go to the official website of the product.

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