Is Qobuz Better Than Tidal?

Streaming services have confidently won their place under the sun. Today it is very difficult to imagine the global music industry without streaming music, which generates about 80% of all the profits of the music business. As music streaming becomes more and more important, we would like to take a look at the most important services, compare them with each other, and point out their respective advantages and disadvantages. Please note that this list is subjective.

The last frontier of music on demand and streaming services is audio quality, a hurdle that is inextricably linked to the amount of data that moves around a user’s network.

Good streaming is a need felt by the market so much that major platforms such as Qobuz and Tidal are starting to compete for space and user love. The second streaming service mentioned has arrived threatening the first by promising much higher quality files. The first responded with the same ability, and theoretically these two streaming platforms are equal. The difference disappears if the user switches to the maximum quality in Qobuz. Because of this, in both, depending on the transmission, everything starts to freeze.

Listening to classical music, music lovers can clearly decide from the very beginning, preferring the QOBUZ streaming service as the most prestigious and digitally proven streaming service, offering several plans with always higher prices depending on the quality of the transmission.

Tidal is considered “artist friendly” and pays creators some of the highest royalties. It offers exclusive content and Tidal also offers live performances and videos. From time to time, this streaming service runs a promotion for an extended trial subscription, which lasts up to three months.

For music, Tidal offers speeds up to 320Kbps in AAC or 1411Kbps in HiFi. Thus, Tidal is suitable for fans of high-quality sound who are willing to pay 33.80 reais for the best quality. American rap or RnB fans tend to be better served than pop music fans.

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What does Qobuz offer? This music streaming app offers just about everything you’ll find elsewhere. There is an option to listen to playlists or radio stations depending on the mood and genre, and you can easily find more of what you like to listen to.

With a little patience, you can find everything, but the structure could be stricter. On the other hand, there is a nice feature that almost no one offers: there is a converter that allows you to import Deezer or Spotify playlists to Qobuz. Another big plus: Qobuz pays artists more than its competitors.

Qobuz is a little weaker in terms of music and functionality, but pays musicians more than other services. So this music streaming service is a good choice if you care about your favorite artist’s livelihood and it’s in the service’s huge music collection.

In the end, while the sources of music have changed over the years, moving from vinyl records through CDs to streaming platforms, what saves the listener is good sound equipment. It should not be forgotten that only high-quality audio equipment will help to fully appreciate the full benefits of the sound of each of these music streaming services.

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