Is Qobuz Worth It In 2022?

Music streaming services have become as common a source of music as CDs were until recently. But today, the competition between these streaming platforms is getting fiercer as they compete for users. Therefore, every music streaming service strives to offer its potential subscribers more favorable subscription terms along with more efficient features.

An online music streaming platform popular with audiophiles, Qobuz was founded in France in 2007. As for lossless music, Qubuz can provide high resolution lossless music up to 24bit/192kHz. It must have a fast and stable network to support Qobuz requirements. Of course, the sound quality is beyond question.

Qobuz offers four quality music file formats, namely MP3, lossless CD format and two lossless high resolution formats. But it’s not hard to figure out if you look closely, Qobuz pays a lot of attention to sound quality, even though it uses lossy MP3 format, its bitrate is 320kbps, which is a high starting point.

For free users, Qobuz can also provide a free trial, but this free trial is not as random as Spotify, for example, and may be limited to only 30 seconds of MP3 trial, and a paid subscription is required to fully open it.

Qobuz is also a very convenient music listening platform, especially for lovers who like to listen to classical music, there are quite a lot of resources to be found in it, and the sound quality is quite good.

Qobuz is supported by many audio hardware manufacturers and will provide audio related information in the app.

The direction of the music industry has always been to serve the community, so the main way music is distributed has shifted from physical music (including discs, tapes, and various memory cards) to networked digital streaming media.

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Well-known music streaming service platforms such as Qobuz provide users with a relatively pure music experience while focusing on sound quality. It can be assumed that their goal is to replace physical recordings and become a platform for the distribution and acquisition of mainstream music, which is why they have received the support of audio equipment manufacturers and the love of numerous streaming music lovers.

Qobuz announced that it has completely abandoned the lossy MP3 streaming layer, focusing instead on a single layer that provides access to the entire hi-res catalog and lossless CDs. This means that Qobuz has become the first streaming service provider to completely abandon today’s obsolete MP3 music format.

The Qobuz Custom Plan will cost $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year, giving users unlimited access to over 80 million songs as well as deeply edited content and metadata content. With this package, users get all the benefits of high-definition streaming on the Qobuz music streaming service.

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