Is Resso A Chinese App?

The owner of TikTok is actively promoting the Resso app, a competitor to Spotify, in the global market. Chinese company ByteDance, which owns the mega-popular streaming service, is quietly recruiting users for its Resso music streaming service, actively expanding its international presence.

Music starts playing automatically when you open the application. In Resso, users can correspond, comment on lyrics, and share content with each other while music is playing. The service is free to use, but there will be ads in the app, and the bitrate is limited to 128 Kbps. Resso offers both ad-free and 256Kbps paid access for $ 1.35 per month on Android and $ 1.62 on iOS. Why the price for iOS is higher, the company did not explain.

Is Resso A Chinese App

Before the full launch, the application was tested for two months in India and Indonesia. The choice in favor of India in the company was explained by the fact that there are more representatives of generation Z in the country compared to other countries. ByteDance did not disclose the number of tracks in the app, but the company has contracts with Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and other major publishers in the Indian market. And, of course, one should not forget about the huge populations of India and Indonesia. If the service becomes very popular in these regions, then this will automatically provide it with just a colossal number of subscribers. And this, in turn, will allow the music streaming service originally from China to quickly rise to the podium in the global music streaming market.

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Zhang Yiming, a programmer and founder of ByteDance (the developer of the popular TikTok app), is ranked ninth in the list of the richest people in China. His fortune is estimated at nearly $ 23 billion and his company is valued at nearly $ 80 billion. This company was named the most promising startup in the world in 2020.

Back in 2012, the founder of the company began to notice the transition of users to using smartphones. Zhang realized that Chinese smartphone users were struggling to find information in the available mobile apps. As a programmer, he developed several powerful applications. And in 2015, Tik-Tok was born. The hyper-growth rates of the global streaming music market prompted the Chinese entrepreneur to create a successful competitor platform, which, as it turned out after his first years of operation, was the right direction for his business.

So, the music world is dealing with a Chinese music streaming service that may openly compete with the major players in the global music streaming market in the not-too-distant future.

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