Is Resso A Music App?

Resso music streaming app has just hit the global market. But at the same time, it is gaining popularity at a high rate. Especially in China, Indochina, India and Indonesia TikTok is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world right now. Of course, the Chinese company ByteDance, which is responsible for its creation, does not intend to limit itself to just one product. Some time ago, it developed it’s own music app that could seriously compete with Spotify, especially for emerging markets.

The feature of the new music streaming market is undoubtedly minimalism. The application has a very simple and intuitive interface, which makes it much easier to use. It also offers many featured artists as well as the ability to share playlists. These are not all of its advantages.

There is also a very interesting function in the application, thanks to which, when playing a song, we will see an accompanying video, as well as automatically scrolling text. As a result, users will be able to more easily read the lyrics of their favorite artists. Users can also complement songs with their own photos, videos, or GIFs. Resso should be the application that will introduce a new breeze among music platforms.

Is Resso A Music App

Resso, like Spotify, is available in free and paid versions. The first has ads, and the second costs $1.68 per month. In terms of cost, the new platform is certainly more attractive than its competitors. This is especially true for India and Indonesia, where the average income of residents of these countries does not always allow subscribing to popular music streaming services, which are the trendsetters of the global streaming market. As a reminder, currently the most popular are Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and a few lesser known ones like Pandora.

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The app is compatible with the existing TikTok platform on preferential terms. In addition, in each song, users will be able to find lyrics directly from the application. In addition to the fact that the text is at hand, it can be displayed line by line in sync with the song. As with video subtitles. After all, some of the users do not mind not knowing what the lyrics are about. But there are those who want to know, but it is not always possible to understand some words among other noises, especially in a foreign language.

Music streaming market experts praise the new streaming app. The Chinese have developed the platform taking into account the peculiarities of their region of the world. Of course, one can hardly say that Resso will soon become the leader of the world music streaming, but this application has huge potential. This is especially true if we take into account the huge population and, accordingly, potential users in this region of the world.

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