Is Resso Banned In India?

The Chinese company ByteDance, which is the parent company of the short video app TikTok, is facing serious problems in India. But has the music streaming app Resso, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the world, especially in the Asian and Latin American markets, suffered in this case?

India, for several years has been one of the most promising countries for the development of streaming video services, the number of users has grown exponentially. But in the spring of 2020, the platform was officially banned in this country. Tensions in relations between India and China have existed before, but today they also continue to increase, which was facilitated by a small armed conflict between these countries in the recent past. In addition to the popular streaming video service, another 58 apps from Chinese developers have been blocked in India. The country’s authorities attributed this to a threat to security, public order and sovereignty. At the same time, it cannot be said that Indian users do not continue to illegally use these services using VPN.

Is Resso Banned In India

In 2019, ByteDance began testing a promising new project in India and Indonesia – the music service Resso. It is already being cited as one of the top competitors to Spotify and Apple Music in developing countries.

Chinese developers hope the fast-growing Resso app will help the company regain traction in India after the ban of its popular TikTok product. India is the largest market for Resso, with a densely populated Asian country accounting for 60% of total app installs and 30% of Indonesian users. Another 10% of users were evenly distributed between China, Brazil and some countries of Indochina.

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ByteDance continues to actively develop the Resso music app globally and quietly gains users for its music streaming service, actively expanding its international presence despite continued US pressure. The geography of this music streaming app is expanding, its design is improving, updates are being released, and the streaming service’s media library is growing rapidly.

Resso is ranked as one of the top 3 best music streaming apps in India today. This application is somehow not very noticeable for the eyes of analysts of the global streaming market, despite the relatively restrained marketing and advertising, which became a necessary measure after the Indian authorities banned the TikTok application, which was once very popular in the country.

Short and often meaningless video service TikTok is facing a new threat – major markets are banning it. The first were India and the United States. Despite all of the above, the owner of TikTok – ByteDance – holds the position of the most expensive startup in the world.

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